Wine Pairing Tips From Food Industry Expert Gerald Simonelli

As an event planner for a local restaurant, it is only natural that Gerald Simonelli has a refined palette for fine wines. A self-proclaimed foodie, Gerald Simonelli knows how to expertly pair wines with food, bringing out the flavor in both. When planning fGerald Simonellior an event, he will create an interesting menu of food items and wine pairings to be offered to attendees. Gerald Simonelli has several years of experience working as a restaurant event planner, and as such has become well-versed in food and wine pairings. Whether you’re cooking for two or entertaining for twenty, keep in mind the following tips from Gerald Simonelli for expert wine pairing.

Determine the flavors you would like to enhance. Pairing a red wine with the right dish can bring out the fruity flavors, while pairing a light wine with seafood will enhance the zest. The right paring will let the wine’s flavor come out, instead of fighting against the flavors of the food.

The wine should be the sweetest. A great quick tip is to always make sure the wine is sweeter than the food for a successful pairing. So, if you’re looking for a wine to pair with desert, port wine is the only way to go.

Bitter does not mix with bitter. Don’t ever pair a bitter food with a high tannin red wine like a cabernet sauvignon. To successfully pair a wine that has high tannins, look for fatty, salty foods.

On the other hand, earthy tastes great with earthy. Old World wines that have deep, earthy and tart flavors pair exceptionally well with other earthy foods like mushrooms. The enhanced earthiness brings out pleasantly unexpected flavors in the wine, like fruitiness.