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New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique country that provides out of this world adventure experiences, scenic views, and relaxing culture. Visiting New Zealand should be on top of everybody’s traveling bucket list. There is truly no other country like it. Here are three of the many things that you can and should do while visiting New Zealand.Gerald Simonelli

  • If you decide to go whale watching near Kaikoura, there is a 95% chance that you will see a whale. So why wouldn’t you go whale watching there? Whale watching is available year round in Kaikoura and is one of the most popular tourism activities in New Zealand. You will see a plethora of marine life in the Serengeti of the South Pacific, besides just whales while on a whale watching trip.
  • Go to the west coast and visit the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers cutting through temperate rainforest. Bring your camera because no one will believe you when you tell them you saw a glacier in a rainforest. The idea is conflicting and seems like something you only see in paintings. This is one of the most incredible sights in New Zealand.
  • You can take a bath in the outdoor hot pools on the west coast of the South Island. In a remote valley, the Copland Track will take you to a cluster of thermal pools nestled together in the rainforest. Rainforest and snowcapped mountains will surround you while you hang out in the thermal pools. The hike to this area is a bit strenuous, and you will need a guide, but it is well worth it.

Gerald Simonelli has traveled the world extensively, and New Zealand was one of his favorite countries to visit. He hopes to go back soon.


How to Maintain Your Sleeping Bag and Tent While Camping

You want to ensure that your camping experience goes smoothly when you are camping with your family. The last thing you want to happen is that one or more members of your family aren’t having fun, thus ruining or putting a damper on the rest of the camping trip. Every camping trip will come across obstacles or bumps in the road, the key is to minimize those obstacles and have a ready plan or at least quick improvised response ready. Here are two ways to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

  • Gerald SimonelliAlways make sure that your tent is placed on a shaded and flat surface. The exterior of your tent is waterproof but is easily damaged by UV rays from the sun and scratches. Keeping your tent in the shade should minimize the damage caused by UV rays. It’s also not a bad idea to place your tent on a tarp. This will protect the bottom of the tent, especially from rocks ripping the bottom. Always keep your tent zipped up to prevent insects from getting in and keep your shoes outside of the tent so that the tent doesn’t get dirty.
  • During the night, sleeping bags absorb moisture from your body. Moisture is bad for sleeping bags because it reduces the efficiency of sleeping bags. It’s best to open up your sleeping bags after using them. This allows your sleeping bags to air out, thus keeping you warm at night.

Gerald Simonelli is an experienced camper. He organized and coordinated mission trips to Kentucky and Bolivia.

Things to Consider for Aspiring Craft Beer Bar Owners

The craft beer industry is a growing industry with more brewers and bar owners trying to break in. Although there is a large customer base, it is still a difficult industry to break into because craft beer is not brewed in large quantities. This means that the amount of beer available to customers is less and that, therefore, there is less money to be made depending on your status within the craft beer community. Here are three things that new craft beer bar owners should remember in terms of the limited quantity of craft beer that is available.

Gerald Simonelli

  • First and foremost, you are going to have to deal with the fact that craft beer is limited in quantity. It’s part of what makes craft beer so desirable and tasty. Pay attention to what is being brewed in your local area and focus on those beers initially. Expand your selection from there.
  • Limited release beers are going to be difficult to get in your bar initially because well-established bars who do good for the craft beer community, will be given first access to limited release beers. To have a shot at limited release beer, you need to carry that brewer’s seasonal beer year round.
  • Prepare to get in line to have access to craft beer. Craft brewers want certain beers to be on the market a certain amount of time before they switch to the next beer. Craft beer is produced in small quantities so you will be competing with a lot of bars for that beer. Be prepared to wait your turn or work for it.

Gerald Simonelli’s career goal is to open up a bar or restaurant that specializes in craft beer.

Three Cultural Things to Remember When Traveling to Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful and diverse country with incredible landscapes, interesting cultures,   and friendly people. Bolivia has both jungles and snow-capped peaks. Traveling to Bolivia is a unique experience that you won’t get in many other countries. Here are three tips to remember for when you are traveling to and through Bolivia.

Gerald Simonelli

Gerald Simonelli

1. Transportation in Bolivia will be an experience you won’t forget. The roads are all made of dirt and are bumpy and rocky. The taxi drivers are brave to say the least, and flying with local airlines will give a fear of flying if you didn’t have on already. No worries, though, all of this is an experience, and you will come out of it alive.

2. Remember that children are raised differently in Bolivia compared to what you are likely used to. It is common to see very young children walking home from school alone or standing by a busy road ready to cross by themselves. At restaurants children will be running around; this is the norm in Bolivia, and it works for them.

3. Make sure that you bring bottled water and a roll of toilet paper wherever you go. You cannot drink the local tap water because it is not safe. Be careful when you eat veggies, fruits or get drinks with ice cubes because you can’t know where the water used came from. You can’t rely on toilet paper being provided everywhere, even in hotels and restaurants. Make sure to bring at least two rolls with you wherever you go.

Gerald Simonelli has traveled to Bolivia several times. He coordinated mission trips there to aid and improve local orphanages and day cares.