Three Cultural Things to Remember When Traveling to Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful and diverse country with incredible landscapes, interesting cultures,   and friendly people. Bolivia has both jungles and snow-capped peaks. Traveling to Bolivia is a unique experience that you won’t get in many other countries. Here are three tips to remember for when you are traveling to and through Bolivia.

Gerald Simonelli

Gerald Simonelli

1. Transportation in Bolivia will be an experience you won’t forget. The roads are all made of dirt and are bumpy and rocky. The taxi drivers are brave to say the least, and flying with local airlines will give a fear of flying if you didn’t have on already. No worries, though, all of this is an experience, and you will come out of it alive.

2. Remember that children are raised differently in Bolivia compared to what you are likely used to. It is common to see very young children walking home from school alone or standing by a busy road ready to cross by themselves. At restaurants children will be running around; this is the norm in Bolivia, and it works for them.

3. Make sure that you bring bottled water and a roll of toilet paper wherever you go. You cannot drink the local tap water because it is not safe. Be careful when you eat veggies, fruits or get drinks with ice cubes because you can’t know where the water used came from. You can’t rely on toilet paper being provided everywhere, even in hotels and restaurants. Make sure to bring at least two rolls with you wherever you go.

Gerald Simonelli has traveled to Bolivia several times. He coordinated mission trips there to aid and improve local orphanages and day cares.