Things to Consider for Aspiring Craft Beer Bar Owners

The craft beer industry is a growing industry with more brewers and bar owners trying to break in. Although there is a large customer base, it is still a difficult industry to break into because craft beer is not brewed in large quantities. This means that the amount of beer available to customers is less and that, therefore, there is less money to be made depending on your status within the craft beer community. Here are three things that new craft beer bar owners should remember in terms of the limited quantity of craft beer that is available.

Gerald Simonelli

  • First and foremost, you are going to have to deal with the fact that craft beer is limited in quantity. It’s part of what makes craft beer so desirable and tasty. Pay attention to what is being brewed in your local area and focus on those beers initially. Expand your selection from there.
  • Limited release beers are going to be difficult to get in your bar initially because well-established bars who do good for the craft beer community, will be given first access to limited release beers. To have a shot at limited release beer, you need to carry that brewer’s seasonal beer year round.
  • Prepare to get in line to have access to craft beer. Craft brewers want certain beers to be on the market a certain amount of time before they switch to the next beer. Craft beer is produced in small quantities so you will be competing with a lot of bars for that beer. Be prepared to wait your turn or work for it.

Gerald Simonelli’s career goal is to open up a bar or restaurant that specializes in craft beer.